Egypt-Italy Science Year 2009 (EISY09) - Press release

   Egypt-Italy Science Year 2009 (EISY09) comes as an extension of President Mubarak's call for a Decade of Sciences, which was launched in 2007 with the German-Egyptian Year of Science and Technology, followed by the Egyptian-Japanese Year of Science in 2008. EISY09 will be held under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the Italian Embassy in Cairo with the cooperation of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

   EISY09 will be officially launched on January 10, 2009 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina under the auspices of H.E. Hani Helal - Egyptian Minister of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research and H.E. Mariastella Gelmini - Italian Minister of Education, University and Research. Ambassadors, governors and heads of universities and research centers will attend the opening ceremony, together with several scientists and researchers from both countries. The launching ceremony includes a “Blow up” exhibition about nanotechnology with pictures of the nano-world, magnified millions of times. The exhibition is presented by the Italian Institute for the Physics of Nanostructures, Biosystems and Surfaces of the National Research Center, based in Modena, near Bologna. It will be displayed at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina until the 27th of January and then at the exposition hall of the Cairo Opera House February 1st-15th.

   EISY09 aims to strengthen relations between Egypt and Italy in the field of science and technology and to emphasize the close ties between Egyptian and Italian scientists, in addition to supporting the educational system and Universities in Egypt

   The first event was the workshop on “Interaction of femtosecond pulses with matter” which was held at the National Institute for Laser Enhanced Sciences “NILES”- Cairo University on the 4th and 6th of Jan 2009. The workshop’s opening session was honored by the attendance of the Italian Scientific Attaché in Cairo and the President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. Other ongoing events within the framework of EISY09 include: a photographic exhibition on “Enrico Fermi’s Heritage”, honoring and explaining the work of the 1938 Italian Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, on display at the Italian-Egyptian Center for Restoration and Archaeology “Sama’khana” until February 15th; the conference “Solar ’09, Powering a Greener Future: Nanomaterials and Solar Energy Conversion”, held in Luxor on January 10th-14th; “Reflections on 40 years of research in Theoretical Physics”, a series of meeting with the prestigious Italian Physicist Tullio Regge in various Cairo Academic Institutions, on January 12th-14th.

   The EISY09 will focus on the following thematic areas: Water, renewable energy, material sciences, social sciences, biotechnology and medicine. Conferences, workshops, exhibitions and open public events will be held in support of the existing cooperation in these areas. Expanded collaborative networks and new research projects will be implemented within the framework of EISY09, with a view to continuing collaboration beyond the Year 2009.